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ICRAR and the UWA School of Physics and Astrophysics is keen to encourage schools to take an interest in science at all levels and we are available for talks to secondary schools and groups of teachers. We work with Scitech, AstronomyWA, CAASTRO and CSIRO to create education experiences. We are also able to take on a few work experience students each year. Education and Outreach activities are managed by Pete Wheeler at ICRAR.

Here are some photos from the Out There! exhibit run in collaboration with SPICE and Scitech.


Matching images of astronomical objects in the radio, optical and X-ray is challenging!

Out There! was conducted in the Penrose-tiled atrium of the School of Biomedical, Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences. If you have Adobe QuickTime, try the following interactive 360 deg QTVR movie of the exhibit. Use the mouse to pan around on the image.

Checking out the Cosmic Banner...

Cosmic Banner

Looking at the planet Jupiter in daytime - easy if you know where to look! WARNING - never point a telescope anywhere near the Sun.

Rob Hollow (CSIRO) conducting a Pulses@Parkes session at the SPICE centre.


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